Summit Avenue

Featured Project, Published in South Shore Home Life & Style
IFDA Award

Transitional Spaces – They’re Not Only About the Aesthetics

Transition and light embody the concept behind this design. For the homeowner, the transition was literal: from the traditional colonial in which they raised their family to a fresh start in a contemporary space in which they would continue to build new memories as they begin a new chapter in life.  

For the design team, the goal was to incorporate light and fluidity into the built environment in order to create a feeling of serenity and airiness that would transition seamlessly from one room to the next. Imperative to this goal was strategically tying architectural elements to interior details in order to create a truly cohesive feel that pulls occupants through the space in an intentional way.   

The space was designed to capture both morning and evening light. At the front of the kitchen, a light well not only emphasizes the stunning verticality of the space but captures the full extent of morning and afternoon light. Mirroring that, large windows frame panoramic ocean views and let in the warm evening sun. The entire first floor of this home captures light as it transitions throughout the day.  

The space was finished with clean lines and soft finishes with functional design elements that would support ease of use, allowing the homeowner to effortlessly maintain the homes minimalist feel.  

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