25 Ideas for Kitchen Appliance Garages

Pros are modernizing appliance garages and putting them to work to keep countertops clear and gadgets organized

Another feature kitchen on houzz.com! This time Judy Whalen’s kitchen design work for our Brewer Way project was showcased in an article about appliance garages coming back into fashion. 

Appliances in the garage?? While there’s definitely an important use case there, we’re not talking about your chest freezer full of goodies or that beer fridge that’s calling your name every time you pull in after a tough workday. Instead, we’re talking about highly effective kitchen storage solutions for all your bulky and potentially unsightly gadgets. Appliance garages can be found on countertops as an extension of upper cabinets or within a pantry or any other type of floor-to-ceiling cabinetry. Some installations include pullout shelving for easy access and they almost always include power outlets. So now you can covertly run that clunky old blender for smoothies or that ‘in need of a deep clean’ microwave for reheating a beverage right there in the appliance garage. 

Check out Judy’s design below and notice how well she maintains the clean aesthetic of the kitchen by incorporating the appliance garage. 

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